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Our Story

Thomas Ryan and Anthony Calenda founded All Seasons Textile Services in 1992. At the time both men had over 30 years combined experience in the textile rental industry.


Their goal was to build a company specializing in Mat, Mop and Linen rental that was both unique and innovative. Their experience in the industry had showed them that the competition was made up of large regional and national launderers that specialized in uniform and linen rental and sold on price and broken promises of good quality and service.


Over the years All Seasons Textile Service has moved on to another generation while growing and prospering the old fashioned way. Keeping their customers happy from a level of service, backed by guarantees that are unsurpassed in the industry.

Man placing entrance mat on floor
The Best Service

Dedicated to providing clean, attractive indoor environments through floor mat rental and mop service to thousands of customers throughout Central New York.

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Quality Products

We have earned an enviable reputation for quality products and award winning customer service through our exceptional textile services.

We have an enviable reputation for quality products & award winning customer service.